PET Backlit Film
PET Backlit Film 14.23GEL

ORALITE® 5500 ამრეკლი


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Applications Traffic control, guidance, warning and information signs as well as reflective lettering, numbers and symbols.
Thickness 5 mil
Durability 7 years
Release Liner 89# PE-coated silicone paper
Adhesive Clear, solvent-based, permanent adhesive
Number of Colors 8
Available Lengths 150’ (50-yard) and 30’ (10-yard)
Available Widths
(in inches)
15 (punched), 24, 30, 48
Print Compatibility Screen printing
Certifications Meets requirements of MUTCD
Meets ASTM D 4956 specifications for Type I, Class 1 retroreflective sheeting

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